The Flexion Advanced offers virtually every single possible accessory at a price that makes the competition seem awkwardly expensive.

It has a huge range of magnification, an unparalleled field of view and an impressive depth of focus at all magnifications.

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The Flexion was awarded a Special Mention for Excellent Product Design in the 2017 German Design Awards.

Jury statement

“A high-performance high-tech product with a very progressive and contemporary design.”


We call this configuration ‘basic’ but it is far from it.

The Flexion Basic offers all of the important features of the Flexion Advanced and comes fully prepared for documentation upgrades; available whenever you wish.

Call us to discuss your requirements as individual components are fully interchangeable.


Microscopes have been used in dentistry for around 25 years. They originated out of other medical fields such as ENT, MaxFax and Oral Surgery.

The Flexion is the first dental microscope that has specifically been designed for the needs of general dentists. Unlike other microscopes the Flexion is not just an ‘Endo’ bit of kit, but easy to integrate into all aspects of dentistry.

CJ-Optik Flexion – A Unique Combination of Features

The CJ-Optik Flexion has a huge range of magnification, an unparalleled field of view, an impressive depth of focus at all magnifications, a true colour corrected super-bright LED light source, award winning optics and ergonomics and unique documentation capabilities.

All this with precise and innovative construction provides superior ergonomic placement of all functions and controls, along with unparalleled ease-of-movement!  Creating a microscope that truly is for all aspects of dentistry.

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